Ambulance Provider

From where can I download this app?

Android device users can download the app, PRESS.RED- FOR Ambulance from App section of Google Playstore. 

Alternatively access Click the Download button. You will get a form where you will be required to fill your name, email and mobile number, submit this. You will get a direct download link for the app on Google Play store. Click the link, download & install.

Can I create my account on the app directly?

No, as a ambulance Service provider you will first have to access Click the Sign Up form for ambulance service Provider and provide all required details to create your account.

What should i do after creating an account on web?

Create your profile and set up your accounts for your network ambulances. When you enter their mobile numbers, a link is sent to them to download the app.

How do we activate the Safety Provider app on our accounts?

System also send specific pass codes for each account on mobile numbers entered. Ask your account holders to enter the pass codes when prompted to activate the accounts.

What can i do after i have set up & activated the accounts?

Log in to the web using your credentials used at time of registration. You can now monitor all your ambulance. You can keep their track, know their status, track number of alerts received, dropped and responded. You can dig out detail analytic of your system's performance.

What details are required to create the PRESS.RED account?

As a service provider, you will have to provide your legal identity, brand identity and documents supporting as a proof of your statement. You are also required to provide details of authorized person creating account along with an official order or a board resolution as the case be. You will also be required to attach a scan copy of a signed agreement with Press Red.

What is the Pass Code?

It is a unique 6-character code that can only be used once and is sent only to your registered mobile number or Email id to verify the authentication. You will also be required to enter the correct pass code to complete the login process. This provides another security layer of online protection for you. If your user ID and password have been compromised to a fraudster, the login process will not be completed without the correct pass code that is sent to your registered mobile number.

What we should do If we do not receive pass code on the mobile number of any account?

Try to resend the pass code once again. If it does not go through, write to us at and one of our experts will contact you to resolve the issue.

Do we require to have active "location privacy" feature always?

We strongly recommend to keep location feature active on your device because for rescue under safety threat situations relative location is too critical. 

What should i do if i am not receiving any alerts?

Don't wait. Write to us at as soon as you face the issue. One of our experts will contact you to resolve the issue/s.

What should we do if we are facing some technical issue while using the app?

e first recommend trying the following steps:

- Toggle your WiFi, data, and airplane mode on and off 
- Close the app and reopen it 
- Log out and log back in 
- Force quit the app
- Perform a hard reset by turning your phone off and back on 
- Phone: Reset your network settings. (Please note that this will delete any saved preferences or passwords you have.) Go to: Settings, then General, then Reset, then *Reset Network Settings.*

If the issue continues, please write to us at and one of our experts will contact you to resolve the issue/s.

Are there any charges for registration & use of the app?

Yes, we do charge subscription for each active account on per month basis, to be paid in advance for one quarter minimum.